back to article VMware’s NSX world domination plan advances with not-just-point release

VMware’s made no secret of its ambitions for its NSX network virtualization product, which it thinks has the potential to be bigger than server virtualization as organisations start to spread resources out across multiple clouds and on-premises bit barn. One way the company’s increasing NSX’s reach is finding ways to bake it …

  1. ysfbuy75

    You better be careful with NSX, avoid giving them >60% of your business

    As a VCAP5-DCA certified engineer, I can tell you VMware is behaving very egregious towards its customer, if you currently have ESXi 5.5 and 6.0, your web client will quickly stop working as VMware outsourced support to the goodwill of Firefox/Google Chrome, it's getting increasingly difficult to use flash/browser manager VMware stuff, this is especially true with ver 6.0, VMware forces you to go to 6.5 in one stroke!

    They are definitely not allowed to become one-stop shop for your business, they are in every way as bad as Microsoft, big bully ( engrained genetically in the USA)

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