back to article Juniper scores dubious honour of owning CVE-2018-0001

Juniper Networks, come on down: you have won the dubious honour of being responsible for CVE-2018-0001. Apparently Juniper infosec bods didn't take much time off over the Christmas-New Year period, instead running up fixes for ten 2018-dated CVE (common vulnerability and exposure) notices. CVE-2018-0001 is a bug affecting …

  1. Down in the weeds

    Etherleak again - really??

    Oh! For! Pity's! Sake!

    This really does reinforce the view that software security, or perhaps 'making secure-enough software' is NOT a professional engineering discipline. The consequence of which is that there can be very little confidence that any vulnerability or flaw of any vintage once detected and thought to be fixed cannot be though of as 'eradicated'. There really is no commonly-held body of knowledge; the need to repeat the mitigation for repeated commitment of software sin will act as a drag anchor to any notion that the general level of skill and competence increases with the passage of time.

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