back to article Alleged Uber black ops lawyer would rather not have his Xmas holiday ruined by Waymo, ta

Former Uber attorney Craig Clark on Monday filed an emergency motion in a Miami, Florida, court to quash a subpoena directing him to testify in Waymo's trade secret lawsuit against Uber on Thursday on the other side of America in California – because he has holiday plans with his family in the Sunshine State. "[R]equiring …

  1. kain preacher Silver badge

    Your honor I need the time to transfer funds and leave the country.

    1. Mark 85 Silver badge

      Also needs time to book a flight as everything is pretty much filled up this close to the holidays.

      1. DougS Silver badge

        Especially since the power outage at the Atlanta airport has really messed up airline schedules all over the country for the rest of the week.

        Plus I'm sure he has to think up some new lies in light of the Jacobs letter. Being a corporate lawyer is bad enough, but being a corporate lawyer for Uber is like being Satan's right hand man. I'll be surprised if he doesn't burst into flames when exposed to the Florida sun!

        1. Sir Runcible Spoon Silver badge

          More like a klingon around Satan's ring-piece

          1. Teiwaz Silver badge

            Klingon? TOS or...

            More like a klingon around Satan's ring-piece

            TOS Klingons are bad guys, but just mostly lovable, 'crazy mixed up' bikers/thrash metal afficionados/cornish biker druids* in the other Treks...

            * Seriously, don't arsk....

  2. iron Silver badge

    > claims he hasn't had enough time to prepare to testify

    That's ok just tell the truth, you don't need time to prepare for that.

    1. kain preacher Silver badge

      Thing is this is highly unusual. Nine times out of ten corporate counsel would be immune from testifying. I'm mean you get sued and and your lawyer has to go and testify possible against you . The only way this happens is if the judge thinks the lawyer was in on it. In that case yes he would not want to testify as he could be liable and lose his license to practice law .

    2. kain preacher Silver badge

      What if the truth will send you to jail?

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