back to article An object failure: All in all, it's just another... file system component?

Object storage has failed to to make it big time and is becoming just another way of storing files and a public cloud on-ramp. Ten years or so ago the object storage startups said file storage, with its file:folder access scheme, could not cope with large volumes of unstructured data. It wasn't reliable enough and used up too …

  1. iron Silver badge

    "You can count the object storage vendors who don't have a file access functionality on the digits of a fingerless mitt."

    A confusing metaphor since a fingerless glove actually has digits even though the name sounds like it doesn't. So did the author mean there are less than 5 vendors without file access features or none?

    1. Andrew Moore Silver badge

      It's why he said "mitt"- short for mitten, which doesn't have any fingers unless you count the thumb...

  2. chrismevans

    Great minds

    Funny, and today was the day I published this -

    It's interesting how the market generates the same type of thinking and analysis!!

  3. cloudguy

    Old story but OBS vendor are doing more to accommodate legacy file protocols

    Well, the potential use cases of OBS include working as backend storage to NAS heads (Cloudian HyperFile) for SMB and NFS file access. They might not be as fast as NAS filers but fast enough for most NAS use cases. Virtually every OBS vendor supports SMB and NFS file access methods today and some have supported them for years. Various NFS and SMB gateways and caching appliances have also been around for years (Panzura) that can handle file locking and manage a global namespace. OBS vendors like Caringo, Cloudian, Scality, and SwiftStack are improving their support for legacy file access methods which is to be expected because not every application has been re-written to use a RESTful API to access an object store. That said, every OBS vendor supports the AWS S3 API which is the most popular RESTful API used to access cloud storage. OBS is not about object storage per se, it is about supporting the hundreds of data access, data storage, data analytics, and data management solutions that can use OBS.

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