back to article Apple gets around to patching all the other High Sierra security holes

Apple has released a security update to address nearly two dozen vulnerabilities in macOS High Sierra. The update comes little more than a week after Apple had to kick out an emergency fix to close up a glaring hole in macOS that allowed anyone with access to a Mac (either in person or remote) to bypass the login screen and …

  1. quxinot

    Anyone else?

    I read "Ian Beer" as "I-am Beer" and thought... you lucky bastard, I'm trying to get there the old fashioned way!

    That guy would have so many friends....

    1. Wensleydale Cheese

      Re: Anyone else?

      "That guy would have so many friends...."

      He'd be getting drunk all the time.

      No fun in that. Ask a glass of beer how it feels.

      (with apologies to Douglas Adams)

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Seriously, stop copying other companies and trying to do better than them. Especially Microsoft's idea of security cerca 1999 (anyone remember the f1 help bug to get a browser up and going?)

    And yes I'm getting old.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Apple..

      Given the unusual plethora of fixes, I think someone has indeed been kicking a few butts and it's about time.

      There's no bigger risk to security than complacency (well, OK, apart from management :) ), so I hope these fixes are a sign that they may have woken up at last..

      1. Ivan Headache

        Re: Apple..

        I sincerely hope you're right.

        And while they're at it they can reinstate some of the useful features of the GUi that now require clairvoyant capabilities to find (if they are still there that is).

  3. 45RPM Silver badge

    All of which is great. But High Sierra still seems to think that there are 13 months in the year (I suspect an indexing problem - someone forgot that arrays are zero indexed and referred to month 12)

    Take a look in the Console if you don’t believe me. It’s full to the brim with out of bounds errors this month.

    This might seem like a trivial flaw - but it’s trivial flaws like this, and especially those which are easy to find, which often form the basis of a serious exploit.

    1. DJV Silver badge

      Thanks for bringing that up. Didn't something similar happen with iOS a few versions back?

      I will hold off updating until 10.13.4.. 5.. or whenever there appear to be no more major nasties.

      1. 45RPM Silver badge

        I think that it might be happening again now on iOS. I haven't checked.

  4. Dan 55 Silver badge

    Apple should try making OS X its own unit again

    Instead of an afterthought where iOS programmers do stuff when they've got some free time.

  5. sitta_europea

    "Apple gets around to patching all the other High Sierra security holes"

    Errrr... "all" ?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Jobs was an obsessive who wouldn't accept anything less than perfection, and that attitude used to permeate all of Apple. Tim Cook just doesn't care. Apple made the decision, we're going to focus our efforts this year on the animated poop icon. And now we see that has permeated the entire codebase too.

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