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The old saying "a fool and his money are soon parted" clearly doesn't spring to mind as bidding starts to simmer on the Misco car registration plate that went under the hammer last week. As El Reg revealed, Misco Group's private equity backer Hilco Capital launched an online sale following the collapse of the reseller in …

  1. adam payne Silver badge

    then there are pallet loads of computing gear from Surface devices to lappies from Apple, Dell and Acer.

    If only i had some spare money around for a pallet. Nice little earner on ebay.

    1. MyffyW Silver badge

      Mystery Bidder

      A certain Mr D McBride formerly of Linux sueball-emprorium SCO Group may be interested.

      1. bobajob12

        Re: Mystery Bidder

        My thoughts too...closely followed by wondering if the owner of this plate is likely to have their car vandalized by some inaccurately-outraged Linux supporter thinking they are sticking it to the Man.

        Plates can be weird things. Tobias Funke, you know what I'm talking about.

  2. frank ly Silver badge

    "Misco is synonymous with glamour."


    1. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

      Re: "Misco is synonymous with glamour."

      Journo needs to get out more.

      1. This post has been deleted by its author

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: "Misco is synonymous with glamour."

          Hallelujah! Not irony, sarcasm.

          1. Terry 6 Silver badge

            Re: "Misco is synonymous with glamour."

            No, it's probably irony. Sarcasm usually implies an intent to wound by stating the opposite. Irony is just about expressing ( or recording the occurrence of ) the opposite to emphasis or make a point.. But I guess it's really a matter of opinion in this particular circumstance. Had it been made to an extant company it'd definitely have been sarcasm ("You're such a glamorous company").

            However, there's room for opinion here.

            1. Aladdin Sane Silver badge

              Re: "Misco is synonymous with glamour."

              No. Irony is like silvery, but with iron.

    2. Paul Kunert

      Re: "Misco is synonymous with glamour."

      Do pick up on the sarcasm Frank, you aren't new here. Honestly, to goodness. Paul @ The Reg.

    3. Lysenko

      Re: "Misco is synonymous with glamour."

      MISCO is so un-synonymous with anything in my mind that I thought it was a SCO asset with Mi = My. It was only when I clicked through that I remembered the arthritic old box shifter even (once) existed.

  3. rmason Silver badge

    most of the stuff that is left has either reached it's money already, or is boxes of shite.

    1. Terry 6 Silver badge

      Fascinating.The Christmas decorations were quite a sad item. A reminder that it's tough on the staff.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        These sales are always a sad reminder and a bargain hunt. Your best bet is to get the contract to clean the facility after the auction is over. You'll get paid for your efforts, plus you get your paws on all of the auction items that failed to sell (mostly shit, but some gems to be found) plus any auction items that "sold" but weren't retrieved in the allotted time slot (10AM - 3PM Tuesday after next, no power available, no loading dock available, oh, but we can suggest a rigger for hire).

        Second best bet is to know said cleaner and arrange for subcontracting "disposal" of some of the items. Have had some good luck with serviceable production floor items in exchange for a nice bottle of the cleaner's favorite beverage. Liquidator is happy, the assets are disposed of. Creditor is happy, they now have an empty building that they can sell. Cleaner is happy, they saved on landfill fees. The greenies are happy, we've recycled something slated for disposal. We're happy, we saved having to buy new where used items will suffice.

    2. adam payne Silver badge

      A Proliant DL580 G4 up for sale, never thought i'd see one of those again.

      1. Lysenko

        A Proliant DL580 G4 up for sale, never thought i'd see one of those again.

        One of those runs our office IP/CCTV. Built like a tank, noise of a jet fighter on afterburners. I wouldn't be surprised if it's still burbling away in the basement a decade from now.

  4. Spudley

    Presumably this number plate would also be of value to anyone from Scotland who likes driving up and down the UK's major North-South motorway... except that the M1 doesn't actually get as far as the Scottish border.

    Well, maybe for someone campaigning for it to be extended to Scotland, then?

    1. WallMeerkat Bronze badge

      Or someone who enjoys driving between Belfast and Dungannon (maybe not...), or Dundalk and Dublin

  5. trevorde

    Worth as much as...

    .. a 18M number plate

  6. Lars Silver badge


    Was that intentional dear ElReg, for a moment I was hoping the very last piece SCO was finally under the hammer. Sad.

  7. willi0000000

    i'd rather have KAR 120C

  8. TVU

    No, not going to bid...

    I wouldn't have put a bid in because that number plate reminds me too much of the evil SCO Group which is up there with SMERSH is terms of dastardly deeds.

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