back to article Splunk prototyping DevOps efficiency measurement tool

Splunk has developed a prototype product to measure productivity in DevOps teams. The “Splunk App for Build Analytics” has been deployed in a closed beta and is now running, live, as a bespoke service at several Splunk customer sites. The tool's existence was revealed to The Register today by Andi Mann, Splunk’s chief …

  1. cat_mara

    'Mann said...

    ... the tool is “a Docker container in a private HitHub repo that contains Splunk Enterprise, Kenkins, SonarQube and a whole bunch of sample data, data normalisation and visualisations.”

    'Then, its entire payload of buzzwords deployed, the empty skin fluttered around the room making a sad parping noise like a deflating balloon. We made our excuses and left.'

    1. AndiMann

      Re: 'Mann said...

      LOL, nice. It does seem that way. But in my defence, these are all real things, that is actually how it is packaged, and this is what my customers wanted.

      Not that this is any excuse.

      I'll show myself out. ;)


  2. iron Silver badge

    Happy/sad buttons

    That sounds terrible. Are devs forced to press one button or the other before leaving? Are they in a separate room that only has room for 1 person so it is really anonymous or can other people see which one you press? Writing code for a bank sounds pretty soul destroying as it is but mandatory happy/sad buttons would definitely stop me working there.

    1. klaxhu

      Re: Happy/sad buttons

      There are tools out there that big companies use weekly to measure the mood of their developers to make sure they accommodate the ever changing needs of highly stressed people. This is a good thing, it helps with retention as most of the time employees either get bored or frustrated and they leave because they see management doing nothing about it.

    2. AndiMann

      Re: Happy/sad buttons

      My, that is quite the dystopian perspective you have there! Not sure why you'd assume any of that.

      Rest assured, it is nothing so nefarious. It is entirely voluntary; they are not in a room with just 1 person; the data is really anonymous.

      Which just makes sense. They are trying to hire and keep good people. Forced metrics would not help that mission. In fact, everything you suggest would just drive good people away, and totally defeat the purpose.

      It is, however, a fair point that metrics can be gamed, on both sides; context is always important; and one-off data points will rarely tell a whole story.


  3. klaxhu

    correction pls Simon

    @Simon: hithub and kenkins? I know g is just by h and k is by j on the keyboard but still ....

    Not big friends with the keyboard on the new macbook then?

  4. BigAndos

    "if it is not soon enough how much will it cost to get extra contract resources to make the date that they want."

    Oh dear lord, the PHBs of the world don't need any more encouragement to think like this!

    1. AndiMann

      Heh, perhaps not. But Catbert would approve! And at least they both can use data to make hiring decisions, rather than just sticking a finger in the wind. Or worse. just telling the existing team to work smarter/harder/faster.

      Plus, it helps keep contract devs in work, so it's not all bad, right?


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