back to article What will £450k buy you? A new CEO at Softcat

Ever wondered how much the CEO at a big box shifting reseller gets paid? Wonder no more, for Softcat has revealed its new head honcho Graeme Watt will be on a cool £450,000 yearly base salary. London Stock Exchange-listed Softcat today confirmed Watt, a veteran of tech distribution, will take control of Marlow-headquartered …

  1. Danny 14 Silver badge

    softcat customer here. not always the cheapest (fuck me their cables have a zero on them) but delivery is good and most stock decent. customer service has always been very good.

    certainly one of the main companies i use. used to use probrand a lot until they moved to their new website a few years ago. the new website was awful to search.

  2. HWwiz

    Ditched them.

    We got rid of Softcat a few months back after using them for 6 or so years.

    Absolutely fed up with their late and slow deliveries. Not even competitively priced either.

    RE the person above who said good stock levels. They dont hold any stock at all. Not even so much as a pencil sharpener.

    They are a reseller, and just get items drop shipped to you from the main wholesaler. Generally WestCoast in Theale Berks.

    Now with BT for Business. Formally DABS. They have the largest stockholding in the UK. Cheaper too.

  3. Jay 2

    Happy Softcat customer here. For me at least they put the Value Add into VAR. Our account manager is always fairly quick to respond and able to help withever strange pre/post-sales technical query I have. This is in sharp contrast to some other VARs who seemingly can't even correctly read the server specs I send them...

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