back to article HPE and WekaIO sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g

HPE is planning to beef up its supercomputing and HPC filer credentials by cuddling up to WekaIO, multiple sources have told The Register. Filer startup Qumulo is already working with HPE - its Core software runs on HPE's Apollo servers, with a focus on enterprise-style HPC applications. Witness this Dreamworks special effects …

  1. Nate Amsden

    brain flips characters

    WekaIO reads like WeakIO, brain transposing..

    Wish HP had a good NAS(NFS) solution.

  2. cloudguy

    Follow the money too...

    Well, HPE not only runs Scality's OBS software on HPE hardware, it has invested $10M in Scality. Some pundits considered this investment a prelude to buying Scality, but the investment took place almost two years ago. Seeing how HPE needs to develop a portfolio in HPC and OBS solutions, why has it not made a move to acquire Scality outright? Two years ago this month, IBM pulled out its checkbook and paid $1.3B to acquire Scality competitor Cleversafe. HPE needs to play in the OBS and HPC markets with solutions they own. Partnering with Scality, WekaIO and Cumulo is different than buying them outright like it did with Simplivity and Nimble. Ms. Whitman's hesitation will be HPE's loss.

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