back to article Lenovo buys majority stake in Fujitsu's sickly PC biz

Japanese tech pusher Fujitsu has finally - as expected - found a solution for its ailing PC business: it will sell a majority stake to Lenovo for up to JPY28bn (£187m) that will be used to form a joint venture. The pair, along with the Development Bank of Japan, will "focus on the research, development, design, manufacturing …

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    1. YARR
      Thumb Up

      The race to the top?

      No one who cares about security will buy Fujitsu computers now

      If you care about security...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    One plus One = Zero

    I can see how this will work well. Rubbish PC's, failing laptops and below par support from Fujitsu sits well with Lenovo's current offerings. Great news for HP Inc market share.

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