back to article TalkTalk glitch causing mobiles and landlines to go off at the same time

Beleaguered TalkTalk customers are complaining that their landline and mobile phones ring at the same time, an issue that appears to be due to a glitch in the telco's Talk2Go app. According to the TalkTalk community forum, the problem first occurred earlier this week. However, customers were still reporting issues this morning …

  1. John G Imrie Silver badge

    The Register has asked TalkTalk for a comment.

    But every time TalkTalk pick up the phone their mobiles go off.

  2. Dwarf Silver badge

    Always remember why its cheap ...

  3. JMiles

    To their remaining customers...

    If you didn't learn after the many previous **** ups that maybe you should take your business elsewhere then it may be best for you to remain silent and not complain.

    1. Dabooka Silver badge

      Re: To their remaining customers...

      I agree, when will they learn?

      And yet subscription rates keep on rising. Or is that just profits?

    2. Alister Silver badge

      Re: To their remaining customers...

      Yep, love the typo in the article which says:

      "One customer deserved the issue..."

      I reckon any remaining customers deserve all that happens.

  4. SpammFreeEmail

    Is it true they're thinking of renaming/rebranding themselves?

    Using the principal of naming things in the style of "does what it says on the tin", they've decided the most apt rebranding name is......


    1. Stevie Silver badge

      Re: Is it true they're thinking of renaming/rebranding themselves?

      "Ringring" surely?

      1. PeterM42

        Re: Is it true they're thinking of renaming/rebranding themselves?

        Actually they are renaming to "CRAPCRAP".

  5. Jay 2


    I first misread landline as landmine in the title. Still neither seems to be capable of doing voice communication in their current states.

  6. Solarflare

    "In September TalkTalk was named the worst UK internet provider in a biannual survey of providers by consumer charity Which? for the fifth time running."

    You know, that's actually pretty impressive. They may be shite, but they are consistently shite, so at least you know what you're getting.

    1. My-Handle


      It really is impressive. You have to grab that spade and dig with some serious dedication and energy before you'll get lower than BT.

    2. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

      "They may be shite, but they are consistently shite"

      That's ISO9000 for you. So long as the quality of performance is consistent it doesn't matter what the actual quality is.

    3. kain preacher Silver badge

      They are going for the ISO 9600 compliance

  7. Stevie Silver badge


    TalkTalk has suggested it is keen to ditch its poorly performing mobile business and concentrate on its poorly performing broadband instead.


  8. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

    Talk Talk

    The clue is in the name.

    If you wanted only one phone to ring you would sign up with just "Talk"

  9. Paul Herber Silver badge

    Apologies for any inconvenience

    Oh, hello, Fenchurch. I didn't see you there.

    2nd time I've been able to use this today!

    It must be a Thursday.

  10. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    One customer deserved the issue as "another **** up from TalkTalk". He said: "I have emailed the CEO's office as its an absolute joke! My broadband hasn’t worked properly for 5 months and constant issues, they are still happy to take the payment every month.

    And he still can't work out what to do about it?

  11. anthonyhegedus Silver badge

    We resell talktalk broadband and to be fair, it's just as realiable, if not more so, than BT Business broadband. Their backhaul network is reliable too.

    But as for the customer interface - I'd NEVER recommend them for home or business use. As long as they use those dreadful indian call centres, they're always going to be shit.

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

  12. mike white 1

    Talk2Go App Is No More

    Interesting that this story has cropped up now as according to the texts I've had over the last month or so the Talk2Go App was being withdrawn from 1st Nov

  13. jms222


    I read it as Landmines. Makes a bit more sense now but only a bit.

  14. Daniel Bower

    Talktalk will be first up against the wall

    When GDPR kicks in. And I for one cannot wait..

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Incompetent doesn't even begin to describe TalkTalk

    Been supporting a relative having yet more trouble with WankWank. Calls to them from some (but not all) numbers get the message "the number you dialled is not available" or carriers specific version.

    Turns out they had (yet again) screwed up number porting lookup.

    First step apparently was to dispatch OpenReach engineer to the subscribers premesis


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