back to article Ailing BT division snuggles up with AWS to flog cloudy services

BT's struggling Global Services division has inked a deal with AWS to flog its cloudy services in a bid to reinvent itself as a "digital" business. The love-in is intended to allow enterprises to ramp up their adoption of cloud-based services, with a focus on networking, security and managed cloud services. The UK's former …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Technology trends mean that we are now less dependent on owning physical local network assets around the world, creating the opportunity to reposition Global Services as a more focused digital business. We are therefore restructuring our Global Services organisation to enable this strategic refocusing."

    In india. Or more latterly for GS, in Romania.

    1. Kennelly

      Which is it? Restructuring, Repositioning or Refocusing?

      Patterson needs to make up his mind, because if you refocus something and then reposition it, you're going to need to refocus it again. Throw restructuring into the mix, and who knows what'll happen.

  2. TheVogon Silver badge

    Of course if you use Azure you can just peer with Equinix and / or Megaport etc to connect to Azure ExpressRoute... No need for anyone to dig up anything...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    BT Cloud Compute

    As a customer of it's current Legacy BT Cloud Compute, running on Citix Cloud Platform. it's unreliable utter b0ll0cks, and BT Cloud Compute Support (which is mostly a call centre front to IPSOFT) are a useless bunch of fuck5.

  4. Beavis-101

    Yeah, they [BT] always outbid their competitors, only to outsource the work to Indian companies who produced cheap but low quality software. Of course, it didn't take long for the Indian companies to then approach the customers and argree to cut out the expensive middle-man which BT became. Seen this during my time on a few of their projects.

    This new "strategic thinking" will be more of the same, hope they finally wake up realiase that they need to add value and get back to implementing quality solutions, like they did in the days of Syntegra.

  5. Riz

    Do Global Services currently create road traffic chaos as they dig up roads outside the UK to sort out cabling?

  6. Elmer Phud


    Ah, take me back to the heady days when a BT team crossed the globe looking for buyers of the Monarch PBX system.

    It think it got three sales.

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