back to article Backup bods Datto to merge with Autotask in suits' shopping spree

Backup supplier Datto, with its combined on-premises/public cloud offering, has been scooped up by private equity. Datto was founded in 2007 by CEO Austin McChord, harvesting $25m in A-round funding in 2013, and $75m in a 2015 B-round. It bought Backupify in 2014 and Open Mesh in January this year. It is now being purchased …

  1. Sorry that handle is already taken. Silver badge

    That's not a Datto

    This is a Datto.

    1. Ken Moorhouse Silver badge

      Re: That's not a Datto

      ...and this is a Datto backup:-

      Austin McChord

      Now Hosting McCloud

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