back to article Citrix switches on nuage français, deutsche wolke, nube española

Citrix has opened a new cloud region somewhere inside the European Union. The company's justification for the new region is “to meet the business requirements of enterprises based or operating in Europe.” The company's clearly doing so by adding French, German, and Spanish to the user interface. Storing data locally and …

  1. JimmyPage Silver badge
    Black Helicopters

    Still subject to US PATRIOT Act thougn

    No US company can avoid that, no matter where they put their servers.

  2. Weiss_von_Nichts


    Sadly, what might have been "Die Deutsche Wollcke" now officially goes under the boring name "german cloud". I'd have preferred "Wolkenkuckucksheim"...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: PSA

      And the Greek one could be called Νεφελοκοκκυγία (Nephelokokkygia) in a nod to Aristophanes.

      Wikipedia adds

      "Pisthetaerus, a middle-aged Athenian persuades the world's birds to create a new city in the sky ..[]...thereby gaining control over all communications between men and gods." It certainly sounds like Aristophanes anticipated Facebook and Twitter.

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