back to article Fast Forward Labs CEO: 'If every idea on the roadmap is a good idea, that scares me a bit'

Businesses' aversion to risk means they miss out on the potential rewards of machine-learning projects – but some still have impractical ideas about what artificial intelligence can really offer them. That's according to Hilary Mason, founder of analytics and algorithm research biz Fast Forward Labs, which was last month …

  1. Robert Grant

    What the heck?

    Sorry, but this reads like a GCSE English essay level advertorial for this company. How many businesses look like this and don't get a friendly article written about them? What's special about this one?

  2. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken Silver badge

    "That everyone talks about it means a lot of people are talking about it without actually doing it," Mason said.

    So, just like sex at highschool.

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