back to article Lloyds Bank payments glitch frustrates merchants

Lloyds Bank has admitted that unspecified technical problems affected the operation of its Cardnet payment system on Tuesday. The UK bank denied suggestions that it had suffered a cyber attack. The Register learnt of a potential issue after a reader got in touch to say that many chip-and-PIN terminals were not working for …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    [...]denying suggestions relayed to a Reg reader that it had suffered a cyber attack.

    [...] is in the process of outsourcing data centre management

    What's the old saying about not attributing to malice what could more easily be attributed to stupidity?

    1. WonkoTheSane Silver badge

      Hanlon's Razor's_razor

  2. JCitizen

    Let's hope..

    IBM's WATSON does a better job!

  3. PeterM42

    Let's hope IBM's WATSON does a better job!

    NOT very likely - I've Been Misled

    I Bought a Minger


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