back to article Portland posts full report on Uber's dirty dealings with Greyball

The city of Portland, Oregon has released its full report on illegal operations by ride-sharing company Uber in 2014. The report [PDF], compiled in April and released earlier this week, details the city's findings on Uber's use of the "Greyball" program to evade city officials during the two-week period in December, 2014 when …

  1. a_yank_lurker Silver badge

    Worse the Leisure Suit Larry's Minions and Slurp

    Uber is showing itself to have a lack of ethics that make many despised organizations look saintly. One issue I had with Uber (why I never used them) is the requirement to use a mobile app with my cc on file. I prefer to keep my cc number closely guarded and not on a phone.

    1. c1ue

      Re: Worse the Leisure Suit Larry's Minions and Slurp

      Uber accepts cash in some other countries which has led to a number of interesting criminal responses.

      Besides the old "rob the driver" scheme, Uber drivers have been carjacked and then successive riders robbed with original driver (and owner of the car) having been replaced by the robber.

      1. Big John Silver badge

        Re: Worse the Leisure Suit Larry's Minions and Slurp

        Interesting if true. Got a link?

  2. David Roberts Silver badge

    Sullied their reputation?

    Say it is not so!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Sullied their reputation?

      I came to the comment section with "Uber has sullied its own reputation" in my copy and paste buffer.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Sullied their reputation?

        Uber - so slimy that they give slime-balls 'The Creeps'.

        They really need to put some present and former Uber executives into prison on charges of being scum. They're actually worse human beings than that creepy Martin Shkreli. Uber HQ is just a complete vacuum where basic morals and ethics should be. Yuck!

  3. Richard Jones 1

    Never Used Them

    Mainly because I never use a taxi, private hire car or whatever of any form. However, the well of personal distrust grows ever deeper at every twist and turn and UBER are far ahead of the pack in this regard.

    1. a_yank_lurker Silver badge

      Re: Never Used Them

      As I noted earlier, I refuse to have cc info or even worse bank info on my phone. I work on the assumption something relatively small and carried with me is likely to be left somewhere, lost, or even stolen. The less it has on it the less harm it can do to me. I even go so far as to have a phone only email account and not my main email account on the phone. As far as using a taxi or similar service, I have no problems with a licensed taxi company when I need a ride. But the taxi companies often will take cash (sometimes only cash) and they do not require my cc to be stored on an app or worse with them.

      1. Evil Auditor Silver badge

        Re: Never Used Them

        a yank lurker, I'm with you - no cc or more sensitive data on my mobile either. And no Uber etc. But what do you do when you need a lift in a town like San Francisco? There are hardly any taxis left. No chance of simply waving at the next cab. Unless you are blessed with extreme patience.

        1. This post has been deleted by its author

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Another week, another Uber story.

    When is the dastardly fiend hell bent on maniacal evils who owns the island (and a cat) going to show themselves as the true owner with diabolical plans for world domination of personal transportation?

    1. Steve Foster


      Indeed, these stories are practically uberquitous...

      (yes, yes, I'm going already)

    2. Turbo Beholder
      Black Helicopters

      Good point.

      May be a campaign, indeed. When did these start?

  5. whoseyourdaddy

    Used Lyft once. Would probably use them again. The driver was certainly happier now that he doesn't Uber anymore.

  6. beep54

    Desperately hoping that Uber collapses from it own hubris. The company should be taken to an unknown location and summarily shot.

    1. Ishtiaq


      Quote, Desperately hoping that Uber collapses from it own hubris" Unquote.


      Bit of a shitty thing to say isn't it? I would imagine that Uber;s employees are desperately hoping it doesn't.

      Just saying.

      Cheers… Ishy

      1. Kanhef

        What employees? They're all independent contractors.

        1. Ishtiaq


          I am thinking about the backoffice workers and the people who write their software. Not the actual drivers. I would have thought that was obvious. My mistake. Sorry.

          Cheers. Ishy

      2. iron Silver badge

        @ Ishtiaq


        Did you not read the article? How about the many, many articles about their illegal business practices? Or their rampant sexism and harassment of female staff? Or the fact they don't pay the correct taxes because none of their drivers are employed? Or the rapes that have occurred because they don't properly vet drivers? Or the way they track users of their service before, during and after using it? Or the data on user's rides they used to release that could be used to identify those users and where they had travelled. Or.... the list is endless.

        Uber are possibly the most despicable scum operating a business in the world today.

  7. Rajiv_Chaudri

    College dropout civil servants who couldn't hack it in the private sector acting jealous and bad mouthing highly paid Techies?

    Say it aint so...

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