1. Conundrum1885

    Extreme laptop hacking

    Hi all.

    Just finished my mod on the C650D, now using 44% of the CPU and no apparent slowdown.

    Before it was throttling even at 19% load on the Phenom 2.

    Mod: replace existing 0.4A with a 0.5A fan containing double the blades.

    Had to do some plastic butchery and modify the casing with fragments of a broken Ipad screen light spreader as they were just the right thickness.

    Now for the warp drive: can I mod the BIOS so it does the following.

    1) replace fan table with something a bit less primitive

    2) have it boot from the internal SD as well as HDD and "BIOSBoot" so if all disks are unreadable the laptop still runs somewhat and contains a failsafe that can rebuild even onto a totally wiped drive

    3) backs up all FATs, etc to failsafe storage *2 so in the event of malware the drive can still be salvaged.

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