back to article Whatchu doin' Upthere? Western Digital moves on cloud storage space

Western Digital Corporation has bought Upthere, a consumer data storage startup with its own public cloud. Upthere was founded in 2011 by director Bertrand Sarlet, VP for business development Alex Kushnir, and Roger Bodamer. CEO Chris Bourdon joined Upthere as VP products in August 2012 after being Apple's senior product line …

  1. TReko

    The wheel?

    So they've re-invented NFS and got $70 million for it? Good work

  2. Nate Amsden

    seems WD is going crazy with diversifying

    Though I'd wager that this cloud service will be gone within 2 years?

    Getting into a business that is a race to the bottom(this particular player seems to be pricing already at the bottom) isn't fun.. So many such(cloud storage) companies have already gone bust or widdled back their offerings trying to pin their hopes on business class service.

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