back to article Telcos waive bills during Houston hurricane recovery

With Houston in the midst of severe flooding from Hurricane Harvey, telcos say they are so far maintaining service and will help with emergency efforts by waiving service costs. Mobile carriers AT&T, Verizon and T‑Mobile all say they will be providing residents of the areas hit hardest by the storm free calls and data service …

  1. malle-herbert Silver badge

    "will have some or all of their costs waived"...

    Probably after adding a "'hurricane fee" to people's next monthly bill...

    1. Fat-Boy-R-Dee

      Re: "will have some or all of their costs waived"...

      I sincerely doubt it, the negative PR alone wouldn't be worth it ... but I'm sure they will a) build it into the CODB, b) apply for mucho dinero from FEMA/DHS afterwards, c) use it as exhibit B or C at the next tariff inquiry (if Pai still bothers to have them), or d) all of the above

    2. Barry Rueger Silver badge

      Re: "will have some or all of their costs waived"...

      My thought exactly. The impressive move would have been a simple "will have all of their costs waived."

      When they add "some or" I assume you'll be lucky to get $5 off your bill.

      But hey, there will be lots of cash for post-storm self-congratulatory advertising!

      1. Anonymous Coward Silver badge

        Re: "will have some or all of their costs waived"...

        I expect the "some or" is to prevent people from downloading loads of videos on their mobiles, thus swamping the network. It might be better to say something solid like "we'll provide up to 5GB of data for the 30 days to those in affected areas", but at least they're offering something.

  2. Gene Cash Silver badge

    open up 53,000 Wi‑Fi hotspots around the Houston area

    None of which are working anyway, because they're flooded.

  3. airfishey

    Google Fi too

    Add Google Fi (MVNO) to the list:

  4. Anonymous South African Coward Silver badge

    Wonder if people will be taking advantage of this situation in order to download *.* for free?

    1. 2Nick3

      If all of your worldly possessions are submerged, and your first thought is "Cool - I can download a ton of porn without it counting against my data limit!" then something might be messed up with your priorities.

      But then I know a few people who would take advantage of the situation to torrent all of GoT...

      (What, no icon for "Winter is coming"???)

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