back to article WikiLeaks a 'hostile intelligence service', SS7 spying, Russian money laundering – all now on US Congress todo list

Every year, US Congress must pass a new Intelligence Authorization Act to continue funding Uncle Sam's spies for the next 12 months. This year, the act passed, as expected, the committee stage smoothly with only one minor bump in the road: Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR). Wyden objected to a clause in the bill [PDF] that described …

  1. veti Silver badge

    Glad someone noticed

    Good on Wyden for at least noticing how bad the language was. And now the whole of the rest of the committee can't claim they didn't realise they were shitting on the constitution.

    This "quietly inventing new categories to get around laws" has got to stop. "Non-state hostile intelligence service" my arse.

    1. Mark 85 Silver badge

      Re: Glad someone noticed

      Quite good on him for this. It's a realy pity that the rest of them are just goose-stepped along with the program. Senator Wyden seems to be the only voice of reason on this committee.

      1. Mark 65

        Re: Glad someone noticed

        I think it has been shown before that, much like our own parliament, most members of the house don't read shit before voting on it but instead base their decision on the edited highlights.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Big Brother

    The real hostile intelligence service

    The real threat to the US is its own intelligence service. You know, the intelligence service that leaked that pissy-gate dossier against Trump. That one no doubt thought-up by the same people that concocted the sexed-up Saddam Hussein WMD dossier. Pissy-gate and other leaks, all designed to tie-up Trump in defending himself against scandal and get with the program.

    That program being, expand the military presence in Eastern Europe. Use the blow-back from the Russian Federation as evidence of Russian 'aggression'. Provoke civil unrest in the middle east and then use such unrest as a pretext to invade Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan etc. Use the blow-back from such invasions as evidence of the threat from foreign terrorism, and use such evidence to suppress home-grown political activism. Use the pretext of all of the above to call for a massive increase in military spending. Use the pretext of national security to impose financial sanctions on foreign companies.

    1. Richard Wharram

      Re: The real hostile intelligence service

      Zerohedge reader?

      1. David Shaw

        Re: The real hostile intelligence service

        Here's the ZH article on Assange(tm)

        It reads perfectly fine, they are just part of a spectrum of news/cointelpro, whatever you want to call it , much of which is a bit iffy/whiffy, like the Daily Mail or (whatever happened to) the Guardian in the last 5 years.

        The 'diplomatic communication' (propaganda) budget of many nations is up in the billions of $/£/€ per year and it is now aimed domestically not just far-away by HF TX. Sometimes the propaganda is astroturfed in comments, even on El'Reg.

        Read widely and wisely.

  3. nijam

    > The damage done by WikiLeaks to the United States is clear

    The damage done by the United States to the United States, and revealed by WikiLeaks, is clear.

    Just saying.

  4. Aodhhan

    Do you realize...

    President Obama considered WikiLeaks a non-state intel service. Especially since the majority of the leaks came during his time in office. Can't blame the man for this.

    - Honestly, I think those who use WikiLeaks to dump information without identifying themselves are a bunch of wusses. If you believe so strongly, that leaking information is in the best interest of the people, then stand up and make your case in court. You only have to convince 1 person you're the one who is right. Just be prepared to have every bit of your life (good and bad) leaked. Turn-about is fair play.

    - If Snowden would come back and do this... and win, then he'd be considered a hero. Otherwise, he's just a wuss who needs others to fight his battle.

    1. Topperfalkon

      Re: Do you realize...

      The whole point of whistleblowing is that you need to protect sources from a state liable to react vindictively towards them for leaking something that is uncomfortable.

      Unfortunately, Wikileaks seems to have moved further away from that mission to becoming an extension of Assange's anti-state mentality.

    2. Graham Cobb

      Re: Do you realize...

      If Snowden would come back and do this... and win, then he'd be considered a hero

      You do realise that there is no "public interest" defence permitted to a charge of revealing classified information in the US?

      1. silverfern

        Re: Do you realize...

        Re: Do you realize...

        "If Snowden would come back and do this... and win, then he'd be considered a hero"

        There's no way Snowden would get anything even resembling a fair trial with even a remote chance of winning.

    3. Daniel B.

      Re: Do you realize...

      Ask Karen Silkwood how that works out.

    4. Claverhouse Silver badge

      Re: Do you realize...

      The allusion to Mr. Obama for such a fatuous and specious argument is presumably aimed at people who don't think he's as much a useless vain old fool as Trump, McCain, Hillary or W. ?

      Yes it's a difficult job; no that doesn't excuse people cocking it up.

  5. oneeye

    SS7 presentation at Blackhat 2017

    A talk given at this year's Blackhat USA has some solutions to this issue. Here is a PDF download link from the Blackhat website for the white paper.

  6. Mahhn


    Exposing criminal activity by the US government (mine) will get you killed or worse. The CIA and NSA are the most abusive organizations the world has ever known. Their secrets have secrets that would make your head explode.

    1. JCitizen

      Re: yeah,,,,

      So far, I haven't seen one national secret worth guarding in the information leaked by that organization. Maybe I'm forgetting something, but it is ridiculous what we classify in this nation!! It costs a lot of tax dollars to keep all those "secrets", so I think congress just ought to get a grip, and practice more transparency, and quit worrying about embarrassing information that they should have thought about before they did it anyway.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: yeah,,,,

      Even identifying how classified a leak is, is classified. I can't tell you how classified, because that would be classified. I know it sounds somewhat like a Monty Python skit, but it is true.

      AC, um... well... classified.

    3. something_or_another

      Re: yeah,,,,

      "Exposing criminal activity by the US government (mine) will get you killed or worse."

      Snowden is still alive .... Drake is still alive. I harass them all the time, I'm still alive.

      You've just bought what they WANT you to believe. #FuckTheNSA .... #FuckTheCIA. Grow a set and stand up to them, instead of being a pussy!

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