back to article Phisherfolk dangle bait at dot-fish domain

Netcraft 'net watchers have cast a fly over the lake of generic TLDs, and turned up the first .fish domain dedicated to – wait for it – phishing. The net-trawling service has previously landed sites on both the .fish and .fishing gTLDs, but has earned the distinction of being the first baited with in-plaice …

  1. GrapeBunch Silver badge

    All of my reactions were unprintable - except the sardinic one.

    Mine's the one with the net lining to hold important documents.

  2. Tim Seventh

    Whale, that's a lobster of malicious content gone from the sea. Hopefully we will see the net being more sea-krill from the terrible fishing.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Clearly this is click bait but I fell for it hook line and sinker. I'm surprised there isn't a picture with the article but I'm guessing a snapper wasn't available.

    Minnow these are bad but why be koi?

  4. davenewman


    Still a way to go to match the I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again fish puns sketch.

  5. Version 1.0 Silver badge

    Drop all

    Another TLD joins the list.

  6. Captain Scarlet Silver badge

    it cod be

    Stop this now, I keep having to re-read thinking something doesn't look right to realise its yet another pun.

  7. Alister Silver badge

    The sheer scale of the puns in this article leave me floundering.

    1. Robert Helpmann?? Silver badge

      Don't be crabby; it's always fun to pun. Besides, I can't think of a better use for "plaice".

  8. Alistair Silver badge

    This article

    Was clearly written on a crabber off the Grand Banks based out of newfie.

    And being 1) a Canuck 2) a dad (three boys) and 3) about to BBQ some tuna, I have to approve.

  9. MondoMan

    Isn't this supposed to be a UK-based carrion dump?

    Surely, someone must have been gutted...

  10. H.Winter


    Not sure if "in-plaice" is a typo or another fish pun.

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