back to article So long and thanks for all the phish: Red teams need to be smarter now

The opening talk at BSides Manchester on Thursday examined how red team tactics are evolving beyond phishing to include a wider variety of methods. For example, internet-facing ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) endpoints can be abused to gain entry to corporate environments without needing to trick staff into opening …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    One issue

    "The conference closed with a plea that white-hat hackers need to go beyond being engineers to become teachers, diplomats and negotiators"

    That's a very nice idea in principle, but they are greatly different skill sets. It would be a rare quality to find one excelling in one skillset, to be good at one of the others, Not impossible but not common.

  2. Missing Semicolon

    Manchester! (not London, SFO, Vegas...)

    There was a Security conference - important enough to get in the news - on right next door, and I didn't know! The next time BSides is on in Manchester, could you not mention it? I realised that HS2 isn't there yet, so El Reg wouldn't go, but there are some of us who might!

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