back to article Why does the market care so much about Cisco's security biz?

Like many enterprise tech dinosaurs, Cisco has clutched at new lines of revenue for some time, positioning its security arm as the centrepiece of a long-talked-about reinvention as a software biz. So when Switchzilla reported lacklustre growth in security of 3 per cent to $558m (£433m) for its fourth quarter results this week …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    One reason might be the slow growth of recurring revenue.

    The other might be more sinister or defeatist: The security industry is probably the worst when it comes to point solutions and Nascar logo walls (the "cloud", devops, and container being close second). Cisco seems to be the only company attempting to build something that resembles end-to-end security by buying and integrating a number of acquisitions and solutions. If they are not successful with this expensive strategy, all hope is lost.

  2. RonWheeler

    No. It is a racket

    Security specialists are best paid if they are a CC-XX. So best paid professionals protect their fellow professionals by recommending grotesquely overpriced products that need obscure skillsets to understand. And a lot of impressively nerdy console cables and needlessly overcomplcated ways of doing otherwise simple tasks. And of course, huge prices and a culture of poo-pooing interoperation with any-other-network-kit-in-sight.

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