back to article Microsoft: We beat Google, AWS to cloudy GPU VMs in Blighty

Microsoft has spun up families of virtual machines packed with GPUs and beefy compute muscle for Azure UK customers. The G, H and N series of VMs, which are aimed at applications from heavy realtime data analytics to AI, are now available in Redmond's UK region. Microsoft believes they will save Brit customers who need G, H or …

  1. hplasm Silver badge

    Excellent news!

    Now customers can get their work finished whilst the MS cloud is still up.

  2. 1Rafayal

    bit coin mining in the cloud then?

  3. druck Silver badge


    How does this play against MS's under-resourcing of their UK data centres?

    1. TheVogon Silver badge

      Re: Under-resourcing

      "How does this play against MS's under-resourcing of their UK data centres?"

      Apparently it had little to do with under-resourcing and more to do with massive growth outpacing their ability to wheel in new kit. Microsoft overtook AWS in cloud revenue run rate last quarter.

      1. druck Silver badge

        Re: Under-resourcing

        Less of the canned press release please.

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