back to article One.Tel to finally die in November, 16 years after collapse

Infamous Australian telco One.Tel is finally being read its last rites. The Register understands that the the final meeting of members and creditors will take place in August and it is expected that regulators will erase the company from their registers three months later. One.Tel collapsed in 2001 after a short-but-colourful …

  1. Francis Boyle Silver badge

    I must read that book

    My admiration for Paul "Bond* stomped on my business card" Barry is only increased by the knowledge that he's also a programming guru. (Or maybe Google is a little confused.)

    Alan, not James, for any non-Australians who happen to be reading this.

  2. david 12 Silver badge

    IT content?

    Actually, another company death due (partly) to software failure: Billing system never completed and didn't work.

  3. This post has been deleted by its author

  4. PeterM42

    Yet another....

    ......."House of cards" started by people who should not even be allowed to run a tea trolley,

  5. Shall I raise my aspect now?


    Went there after an interview for a day of 'see how you fit in'. Did a days thing of their vaxes/alphas so the systems hummed. The decided I would not fit in - turns out that I was too old!

    I hope there is a special place in hell for Jodie and his mates.

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