1. David Webb

    Final Fantasy XIV

    A gaming sub forum, awesome, can complain about SE without getting a forum ban! Not that I complain, I can't, they banned me for it.

    So. Today SE announced that because they are incompetent and can't figure out how to disconnect players who are AFK they are going with the "lets boot everyone" method, once a day every single person will get kicked off the servers. Let's not get bogged down with how stupid it is to punish paying customers by booting them once a day because of people who won't notice because they are, you know, not playing, lets discuss how we, as people with an interest in IT would have sorted the problem.

    To circumvent being booted whilst AFK some players will talk to an NPC or craft, this prevents the method SE uses from taking effect (they use a logout command, the logout command won't work if you're busy with an NPC or crafting or whatever).

    My solution to this would be, if a person is detected as AFK for 30 minutes, instead of /logout, the system drops the network connection to their world server which forces the person back to the lobby server. What would your solution be?

  2. g4wowwow

    wow Outland gold in cermony

    It doesn't help either that WoW eSports is being obscured by huge amounts of different recreations including its gathering of people being torn up by "its own steady mates". Overwatch has surely removed a portion of the thunder from WoW's aggressive scene. With the attention on the Overwatch League and the "preparation alliance" and the capacity for "only anybody" to ascend to popularity, it fills the PvP eSports and easygoing aggressive specialties in ways that have never been completely acknowledged in WoW. At that point, obviously, there is the grandaddy of them all in Starcraft, the amusement that still fills the key eSports and easygoing focused specialties. The inquiry at that point moves toward becoming, "Where does WoW fit into eSports for Blizzard?"

    I trust that engineers might dismiss their eyes from aggressive field based PvP and swinging to PvE-based rivalry. Tempest as of late presented the Mythic+ Invitational competition that began with supposed "ordinary" players attempting to score the best circumstances clearing M+ cells keeping in mind the end goal to fit the bill for the Invitational. Leaderboards went up that enabled players to gauge their group's advance against others. Individuals really appeared to like the thought since everybody has needed to continue playing through M+ cells to advance the story, making, outfitting, and so forth. Everybody's had that "Hello! I could do that!" minute with regards to aggressive PvE.

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