back to article WDC wants in on Japan-backed consortium to buy Toshiba's chip biz

WDC may have a way back into Toshiba's memory business auction although Toshiba has selected the Japanese state-backed INCJ consortium's ¥2tn ($18bn) bid group, which excluded WDC. The bid group includes Bain Capital and SK Hynix, with Bain contributing ¥850bn ($7.7bn), making it nominally the largest cash contributor. Half of …

  1. Marketing Hack Silver badge

    Not very well thought out...

    Toshiba probably should have seen this coming. There's supposed to be tension between them and WD, but ignoring their IP agreement with WD and railroading through the Japanese government-backed bid was a risky strategy.

    Well, just another proof point of the maxim that whenever property changes hands, the lawyers get their cut.

    1. handleoclast Silver badge

      Re: proof point of the maxim

      @Marketing Hack

      You're wrong there. Maxim is into analog and mixed-signal ICs. Nothing to do with flash.

      Mine's the flasher's coat in the corner ----->

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