back to article Reg Radicals lecture encompasses far right, libertarians, and mushrooms...

If the recent election’s clash of centre right and a bit left leaves you cold, perhaps the prospect of libertarians versus transhumanists might make you sit up and take notice. Those were just two of the alternatives Jamie Bartlett highlighted in his Register Lecture, covering his latest book, Radicals, which details two years …

  1. scrubber

    Stockholm syndrome

    Libertarian society only seems radically different because of the stultifying, all-encompassing state we are living in. A bit like how democracy was radically different to those under the yoke of totalitarian communism behind the Iron Curtain.

    1. Naselus

      Re: Stockholm syndrome

      So, you're saying that Libertarianism only seems radically different to existing society, because it's radically different to existing society?

      Your profundity clearly knows no beginnings.

      1. MyffyW Silver badge

        Re: Stockholm syndrome

        As an intellectual argument Libertarianism is intriguing. I've yet to see a party espousing it which I'd be minded to vote for.

        The worlds smallest political quiz ate my homework.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Stockholm syndrome

      Yes, not better, just differently cursed.

      The ape moves with us..

  2. disgustedoftunbridgewells Silver badge

    "A bit left" ? I can't tell if that's a joke or an outrageous statement. Perhaps I shouldn't have read the Guardian this morning.

  3. DagD

    Hermit hill

    If only we could just go back and get rid of land taxes...

    I'd be so done with "society".

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