back to article Microsoft says Skype outages are over – a few hours too early

Microsoft thought it had fixed global outages for Skype that began yesterday, but so far, no such luck. Skype is still going through ups and downs. In a tweet at 1408 GMT June 19, Skype support admitted that, “There is an ongoing incident affecting the ability to connect to the application.” In another tweet at 1745, Skype …

  1. s. pam

    Utterly rubbish

    It was still /tits/up at 1840 when coworkers and I gave up in our air conditioned and offices and headed home. Been puking all over itself all day...

  2. Nolveys Silver badge

    The Register reached out to Microsoft...

    Is that like "reaching out at"? I usually just get a face of stingy liquid when I try that.

    Did you try contacting them?

    1. PhilipN Silver badge


      Next, if MS calls back we'll get a report on El Reg having visited with them.


  3. EastFinchleyite

    Business / Product Plan

    1. See successful P2P product developed by new thinkers totally out of range of the corporate thinking of a huge corporation

    2. By product to make original developers very rich but maybe not so happy as they thought they would be. (get up Monday morning. Check bank account. Wonder what to today. Meh)

    3. Change product to to fit into big corporate view of world (fill in blank for motivation). Watch product crash and burn. It takes a long time but once the rot sets in.... OK . Stumble and smoulder. The difference is one of timing.

    4. Next product.

    Once, Skype was different. Now........

  4. This post has been deleted by its author

  5. one crazy media

    Of course, it is until the next one.

  6. hellwig Silver badge

    How could this fail?

    Take a P2P product and centralize it? Seems foolproof to me.

  7. Peter Bennett 1

    Meet the new bork, same as the old bork....

    And it's been like that for several days.

    Amazed it wasn't on The Register's front page this morning.

    Perhaps you've all moved to Slack or Zoom already.

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