back to article Partners tearing their hair out over Dell EMC invoice system borkage

The merger between Dell and EMC has caused havoc for partners attempting to raise invoices with the borg, as its "new combined customer base" is having problems issuing purchase order numbers. One UK-based distributor told The Register: "This has been the bane of my life for the past 10 days. I have five major orders that have …

  1. Disgruntled of TW

    HPE the same ... the split

    ... is causing the same problems with utter incompetence in paying invoices.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: HPE the same ... the split

      Their change was rubbish, paying them a nightmare as they communicated to late and when they did it was a useless web page.

  2. ForthIsNotDead

    Utterly useless

    What are these devs actually paid for? How can a system *that doesn't fucking work* go live?

    Have they not heard of testing?

    1. jtaylor

      Re: Utterly useless

      There are many likely ways this failed, but over-eager devs were probably not involved. They usually push for more time to finish, not less.

      This was probably deployed to meet some external deadline: maybe to align with another project (to refresh the data center or critical people were required for something else to begin), or maybe just because the Magic Dart Board had set a date.

      I've been part of projects like this. Honestly, I couldn't find any single point where they broke; the organization just lacked the cohesion, transparency, and values to succeed. Techs work on what they're given. Project managers try to deliver to the requirements. Managers juggle staff and schedule conflicts, and priorities that come through parallel channels. Senior execs make decisions based on information that they know will never be complete. And nobody has good scope or interface definitions.

      Probably everyone has been through this meat-grinder before, and knows that there's no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Deliver, deploy, fix, apologize, survive for another day.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Did Dell ever get off of the pair of Tandem Nonstops that ran the DellOrder Management System? Or are they still cutting checks to HPE for maintainence?

    Maybe HPE can help them with services....

    1. klaxhu

      Re: Tandem?

      that part of the org does not exist any longer mate

      you mean get help from the dicks? (DXC)

  4. Notas Badoff


    "... blaming the delays on "a higher than anticipated demand" from its newly combined customer base."

    Really? So allasudden you're getting 3 or 5 times the number of transactions than you've ever seen before? Is there any possible reading of that statement that doesn't make people guffaw?

    If PR people can't identify embarrassing phrases, what were they trained to do?

  5. fidodogbreath Silver badge

    Three big lies

    "Dell EMC takes these issues very seriously," he said.

    The check is in the mail.

    I'll respect you in the morning.

    Your call is very important to us.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Dell are shit

    Enough said.

    Rebranded as NTT now. Also shit.

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