back to article Costs v sales agent? Not just yet, judge tells Retro Computers Ltd

ZX Spectrum Vega firm Retro Computers Ltd has had its attempt to force former sales agent Nick Cooper to hand over extra information in the ongoing court battle between the two postponed today by the London County Court. RCL had applied for a court order that would have forced Cooper to answer a series of questions designed to …

  1. Anonymous Coward

    E Out of data, 0:1

    Sadly, I am running out of ZX Spectrum report codes. Hopefully this all gets resolved.

  2. GrapeBunch Silver badge

    International Master of Chess

    David Levy, International Master, the remaining original director, is no stranger to corporate misunderstandings. In this wiki article about Levy's former brother-in-law, scroll down to the heading "Brain Games".

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