back to article Health data 'vault' app floats into's G-Cloud. *cough* GDPR *cough*

National Health Service trusts can consolidate their data in readiness for GDPR by buying an Analytics Private Health Data Vault service, based on Commvault's Clinical Archive product, says its maker. Flying Binary says its Analytics Private Health Data Vault service can be bought through the G-Cloud 9 app store. We're told …

  1. DJV Silver badge


    Sounds like Flying Binary want to be the Microsoft of the medical world.

    I get a nagging "Too many eggs, only one basket" type of feeling about this.

  2. 0laf Silver badge
    Big Brother


    Is there such a thing as a GDPR compliant service. As I understood it the details of the implementation of GDPR in each state is still in development.

    The UKs derogations will probably be written to support cost saving exercises such as this retrospectively using 'public interest' as the excuse for an exemption from the rules.

    1. IamStillIan

      Re: Compliant?

      It's a wider process thing, you can't just buy a bit of "compliant" software for it anyway. That doesn't, of course, mean you can't market a bit of "compliant" software for it.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Whenever I see a vendor referring to "legacy systems" I think "working systems" ( ok, in some cases its more like "the devil you know" ).

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