back to article ZeniMax: Thanks for the $500m, Oculus. How about you, Samsung?

The company that successfully sued Facebook-owned virtual reality company Oculus for $500m has now set its sights on another giant: Samsung. ZeniMax Media has filed suit [PDF] in Texas against the company, claiming that its former execs secretly developed mobile VR technology while working at id Software, owned by ZeniMax. The …

  1. Thoguht Silver badge

    The $500m Oculus? Sometimes even two commas are not enough.

  2. Phukov Andigh Bronze badge

    so what's the legal precedent?

    so way I understand it, here's the situation.

    Zenimax successfully sues Oculus, which may or may not have anything to do with truth and more to do with legal skeevery, but that's irrelevant.

    Samsung, in the past long before any lawsuit was brought by Zenimax, legally and in good faith licenses Oculus tech onto it's headset/phones.

    So this means Zenimax can go after all those who license the Oculus tech as well? Its not like Samsung "copied" anything that wasn't part of what Oculus required from the headsets to work as advertised.

    like if I bought some sort of self driving car tech, use it for my business, well funded tech bros sue it out in a no hold barred cash measuring legal arena, and then I get sued because I bought the tech some time ago from the "loser"?

    Seems that precedent leads dangerously to "lawsuits all the way down". the only lawsuit that makes any "sense" (loosely used term in the Litigatuon Uber Alles society) would be Samsung suing Oculus because they "sold tech that wasn't theirs" or somesuch?

  3. Zmodem

    zenimax are a joke, just like bethesda, neither of them are worth bothering with or any of the junk they produce

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