back to article Oh my Tosh: Western Digital takes Toshiba to arbitration

WDC is taking Toshiba to an arbitration court process, potentially blocking Toshiba's sale of its Memory Business, which owns Toshiba's share in a flash foundry joint venture with WDC. The JV has an arbitration clause in its contract terms and conditions which gives WDC the right to agree or disagree any sale of Toshiba's JV …

  1. wolfetone

    Here's an idea that means those pesky litigation lawyers don't have to be paid a stupid amount of money to just argue the toss.

    Why doesn't WDC buy the business from Toshiba?

    1. Michael Strorm

      "Why doesn't WDC buy the business from Toshiba?"

      Because after its takeover of SanDisk, Western Digital doesn't have the money to come anywhere near the offers other companies are making, even if they wanted to.

      1. wolfetone

        Makes total sense, I forgot about the SanDisk thing.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      If only there was some way of finding out whether a question forming in your mind already had an answer.

    3. swschrad

      they want to. they have a bid in.

      unfortunately, it appears to be a bid based on fair market value, which makes it the lowest of the 4 or 5 reached in the first round.

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  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward



  5. swschrad

    assets are cheaper in Chapter 7

    which is probably where Toshiba will end up at this rate. years of cooked books, nuke business meltdown (not the nukes, the business, due to brain-dead money tossing), and top-floor chasing after the next big thing that wasn't. even if they'd stayed with 50-inch TVs they couldn't mess up this badly.

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