back to article TalkTalk full-year profits rise but shares slump after raid on dividends

Profit before tax at UK broadband provider TalkTalk climbed 17 per cent for the firm's full-year results, but revenue was down 3 per cent to £1.8bn compared with the previous year. The company reported that its customer base grew by 22,000 in the fourth quarter, and the percentage of customers leaving was down to 1.4 per cent …

  1. AMBxx Silver badge

    growth, cash generation and profit

    He's missed the bit about customer satisfaction.

    1. Fullbeem

      Re: growth, cash generation and profit

      No news is good news as they say

    2. elaar

      Re: growth, cash generation and profit

      I realise I'm probably in the minority here, but I've been with them for 18months now and not a single issue.No downtime and I've had the same IP for 6 weeks now. I got an email from them last week saying that my contract was about to end, recommended I sign up for another contract (at a price that no one else could beat).

      I'm well aware though that if something *does* go wrong, I'm going to curse the day I signed with them.

      1. teebie

        Re: growth, cash generation and profit

        Don't worry, I'm sure whoever gets their hands on your private info will save you a job and do the cursing for you.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: growth, cash generation and profit

        You're lucky. I'm currently paying these clowns £22.31/month for 2500 kbps down...

  2. adam payne Silver badge

    "My focus for the company is growth, cash generation and profit – in that order."

    Security of all systems, customer satisfaction, customer value for money, growth, cash generation and profit.

  3. Kaltern

    I wonder if there is really any telco right now in Blighty that are any more trustworthy, reliable and good value than TalkTalk? In fact, I don't even see a great deal of point in moving around providers, as they all use the same Openreach network anyway, and television programming is basically Sky or Freeview.

    1. smudge Silver badge

      Thanks, Dido. The new job is a bit of a come-down, isn't it?

    2. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

      "In fact, I don't even see a great deal of point in moving around providers, as they all use the same Openreach network anyway, and television programming is basically Sky or Freeview."

      There are other variables. How secure is their customer information is a good starting point. Who provides customer support and from which continent is another.

      And how about traffic shaping? One little gem from TT when they took over my previous provider was that they traffic-shaped nntp during the day. In fact they pretty well shaped it out of existence despite the fact that one of the services they'd taken over was Usenet provision.

    3. druck Silver badge


      Jeeezus, perhaps you need to wonder a little further than the first "free broadband" provider that comes up on google. There is a vast difference between good and bad providers, and the fact that they may use Openreach infrastructure has nothing to do with the quality and security of their offering.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: @Kaltern

        Hello, world! I'm in California, and even I have heard all the stories and read the news about what a complete bunch of shitheads run this ISP. They are the lowest price because they do nothing to protect their own devices on their own network. This is a bottom of the barrel ISP. Countless router hijackings and many many people with their personal credit details stolen... how much are you willing to save to endure that?! If you sign up with them, you really should have a talk-talk with a professional, unless you are one of the many clueless muggles who will sign up with anyone and never give to craps about their own data security. These muggles are part of a bigger problem. Helping to keep a company in business that should rightly close down and anyone claiming to have worked there should also be shamed. There's no excuse for such tat service in 2017. Is this the middle ages of our seamless, integrated with our always-on digital lifestyle?! Even here in the colonies we can't even break the top 10 in the list of countries that supply high-speed networking. We invented the Internet, most of the really big IT shops are right here, yet you travel 8 miles out of town and you're back in 1992. You might as well have dial-up when you are trying to do anything on a 1-bar 4G-LTE connection, if it's even covered. It's all about treating you like cattle and having you tell other people they treat you like a king/queen. Growth, profit? These things are also obtained by running a quality organization, and not one like this so-called TalkTalk. And AT&T or Verizon are just TalkTalk with different people and a not-yet-compromised network... they are spies for the NSA and are both to be avoided.

        Like I said, I'm not even in the UK and I would gladly kick any TalkTalk exec square in the nuts, just to show my support for their unfortunate customer/cattle. I'm 90% sure Dido has balls.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: @Kaltern

          So you're in California, very pleased for you.

          Please stay over there. We already have enough ill-informed and self-opinionated arseholes over here to put up with and don't need any from the Land of Trumpton chipping in as well.

  4. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    Despite what people think there are about 100+ ISPs in the UK.

    AFAIK only Vermin (spy on customers) and Sky (owned by Rupee Murdoch) have any shot at avoiding OpenReach controlled cabling.

    So while basically all of them have to use the same back haul there's a huge difference between the best and the worst.

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