back to article ITC upholds finding that Arista infringed on two Cisco patents

The US International Trade Commission has upheld a judgement that Arista Networks infringed two Cisco Systems patents on networking equipment - the latest round in a long-running legal battle between the companies. In a judgement last week, the federal agency called for an import ban and a cease and desist order on related …

  1. Networking Dude

    Why now for Cisco

    Cisco has had over 18 years to sue every other vendor of networking kit and their chip manufacturers over the ACL in Hardware patent. Why is it that Arista has garnered the honor of Cisco's wrath? Maybe it is just envy? or jealousy? or just trying to make the executives that left Cisco pay for succeeding... Very few have done that successfully but the ones at Arista did...Time to grow up Cisco... Just remember that the CLI that you "patented" you took from Digital VMS and the routing code you tried to steal from Stanford until they caught your founders trying to sell it while still working at Stanford. Pot calling the kettle black...

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