back to article As senior bosses eject and shares crash... is it time to pray for Nutanix?

Should we be concerned about Nutanix? Two bosses have left, its share price is falling, and it's now worth just a little less than Pure Storage. The shares in the hyper-converged infrastructure appliance slinger ended May 1 at $14.46 apiece. They were hovering around $21 on March 7, and $31 on March 2 just before its latest …

  1. SniperPenguin

    Hardly surprising...

    So you are sitting pretty with a majority portion of the HCI segment...


    1. You lose some high profile staff members

    2. Simplivity eat away at the low end business (2-3 nodes - You can argue that is isnt their market but all deals are important End of Quarter)

    3. VMware are pushing vSAN *HARD* now.... The release of 6.5 onwards made it a viable choice, and it is easier to discount software licensing than a Nutanix chassis.

    Only way was down, really.... Even it they rally, its a "Lets get bought by Dell" situation.

    1. Pancakes

      Re: Hardly surprising...

      So, one year later. Simplivity butchered by HPE, Nutanix stock price skyrocketing, offering their software on numerous platforms.

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