back to article What's a 'good' quarter at AMD these days? Chucking $73m on a fire

AMD is optimistic about its chances of getting back into black ink after what it felt was a strong quarter to start the year. CEO Dr Lisa Su said she was "pleased" with its first quarter of 2017, in which the Intel antitrust shield saw its losses shrink to $73m. Revenues of $984m were up 18 per cent from the year-ago quarter …

  1. Richard 12 Silver badge

    18% year-on-year is huge

    So yes, they certainly have reason to be proud of that accomplishment.

    If they hadn't then they'd be dead - Ryzen is basically their last chance. If it fails in the market then they probably don't have the reserves to make another.

    If they can get another year of reasonable growth then they should survive and hopefully do great things.

  2. Will Godfrey Silver badge

    Fingers crossed

    I think we really need AMD to thrive. It's the only way to keep Intel somewhere near honest.

  3. Known Hero

    Well When I'm not making a monthly loss

    I will be helping AMD out, Looking very much forward to a Vega/Ryzen build!!!

    yes yes yes, I am aware you can get a extra 10fps with half the cores a higher price and higher clock speed .......

    1. William 3 Bronze badge

      Re: Well When I'm not making a monthly loss

      Those extra 10 fps are only applicable at stupidly low resolutions that no-one spending £300 upwards on a CPU would ever use in real life.

      When you start gaming at 1440p or 4k there is NO difference in FPS.

      In multitasking there is.

      I own a 4790k, and all my other rigs are Intel (2500k etc, etc)

      However I will be buying a Ryzen this Christmas as it's the ONLY upgrade worthwhile.

      I couldn't give a shit about an extra 10-20 fps at 720p at minimum graphical settings.

      I own a 3440 x 1440 monitor and a GTX1080, it's fucking nonsense for me to play at those settings, ever.

    2. GrumpenKraut Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      Re: Well When I'm not making a monthly loss

      Looking at a Naples system with 64 physical cores... if I get the funding. Will buy a Ryzen system later this year. Both because *drool*.

      1. rav

        Re: Well When I'm not making a monthly loss

        You know who buys fast multi-core cpu's for gaming? Chess Professionals.

        EPYC would look particularly attractive to professional chess-players. I am of course speaking of those who play at a Grandmaster level and who need fast analysis.

  4. rav

    Has the Register become an Intel SHILL?

    I have always perceived The Register to be a good source for unbiased clarity.

    It now appears that hyperbole and click bait is becoming the practice.

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