back to article WD pulls cash-strapped Toshiba to one side, whispers: 'All right, pal, how much you want?'

Western Digital CEO Steve Milligan says his corporation is willing to help bail out sinking Toshiba. Japanese tech giant Tosh, which runs a NAND foundry joint-venture with WD, is in recapitalization hell: it is trying to sell its flash memory business for a trillion or more Yen ($9bn+) following calamitous and so far …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    $17bn here, $20bn there . . .

    At what point does one sit back and ask oneself "hmm, can anyone else really put umpteen billion on the table ? Can we not wait a bit for the cost to go down ?"

    Billions have flown and burned in the past decade, and Microsoft alone has written off more money than a small country's GDP.

    Take a step back and calm down, Golden Boys. You're driving the entire world into a wall and this is one case where betting on failure will not pay off because there will be nothing left to pay with.

  2. martinusher Silver badge

    Nuclear Energy -- The Fuel of The Future

    Has anyone figured out why HM government is fixated on building another nuclear power station? It can't be because its a cheap, reliable, source of power -- everywhere you find these power stations you find people getting on the hook for huge sums to build, commission, run and eventually close down the things. It appears to have sunk Toshiba, its a financial millstone for whoever gets stuck with it.

    Ultiamtely -- although people disagree with me -- it seems the only reason for having these plants is for their byproducts......stuff you can use for your bombs. When it comes to the old force de frappe budgets seem unlimited.

    1. ad47uk

      Re: Nuclear Energy -- The Fuel of The Future

      We need nuclear power because at the moment there is no other way to keep the lights on, coal is running out and so is gas, while tree huggers may say use more renewable energy, that will not keep the lights on, it would be great if it did.

      1. PeterM42

        Re: Nuclear Energy -- The Fuel of The Future

        Is coal running out? - I thought we just didn't MINE it anymore.

    2. Eddy Ito Silver badge

      Re: Nuclear Energy -- The Fuel of The Future

      Part of those huge sums come from delays caused by protestors and others doing everything they can to kill the project. Often they aren't just the NIMBY types but folk from a rather great distance who are simply opposed to all things "neukular". As a result instead of a 5 year construction project it winds up taking 15 to 20 years and half finished so it takes quite a long time to become profitable if they don't shut it down first.

      1. rdhood

        Re: Nuclear Energy -- The Fuel of The Future

        Not in this case. Two of those reactors (in Georgia. USA) are on the site of two older reactors. There are no protests nor NIMBY problems with these reactors, or the one in SC. This is a case of bad management, pure and simple, and the thought that they could pass cost overruns to the taxpayers. Anytime a pro-business Public Service Commission (the state government entity that allows the Southern Company, a parent company to Georgia Power, to charge customers instead of investors for power system expansion) starts approving charging the public for cost overruns, it sets up feed back mechanism to milk the taxpayer for BILLIONS extra in costs. Why come in on-time and in-budget when you can take an extra few years and get an extra few billion dollars from the taxpayers of Georgia? Methinks that they got lazy going for the extra billions, and let this one get away from them.

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