back to article IBM SoftLayer plays hardball in object storage price cuts

Research house 451 says the cloud price struggle has moved away from virtual machines (VMs) to object storage, and fingers IBM for initiating the round of price cutting. This cloud object storage price decrease was started by Big Blue with SoftLayer object storage (Cleversafe) price cuts in the third 2016 quarter. Its three …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "prices are going to tumble a long way down"

    Keep it coming (down)! Ooops, remember the S3 east coast outage debacle from a... of course we all do! (price drops a bit more) Let's all have a race to the bottom, but also keep the lights on 24/7 with 99.999% (that's what five nines looks like, kids) uptime! GO!

  2. theblackhand


    Reads like "IBM joins the public cloud party late, doesn't do much for a while, so cuts prices and egts an analyst to write a paper on storage prices for some publicity".

    Or am I just cynical?

  3. rotmos

    Ibm sells PC:s, disks and Intel servers because it is commodity and moves to high margin offerings like, eh, cloud.

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