back to article Embarrassing! FreeNAS downgrades latest release to 'tech preview'

Well this is embarrassing: FreeNAS has downgraded its latest release to “technology preview” status. The new release, version 10 aka “Corral”, was released in March 2017 with much fanfare because it took the project from being a software-defined-network-attached storage with the ability to run VMs into a hyperconverged …

  1. lnLog

    docker part was good

    Just finishing up downgrade from corral, the Docker feature in corral was good, and made it easy to setup a plexpass instance in freenas. Hopefully this will get added into 9.10 without too much delay.

    1. Youngone

      Re: docker part was good

      The admitting they made a mistake part was good too.

      OK, so their quality control might have been a bit lax, but they coughed to the mistake and have attempted to provide a solution.

    2. Infernoz Bronze badge

      Re: docker part was good

      Until they broke Docker again, like they broke the login token and new installs earlier!

      The GUI was _very_ laggy, Samba was slower, and the Python "shell" was slow and unreliable.

      It took them 4 revisions to release it was broke ... not impressed.

      Good think I have a recent backup of my PostgreSQL databases!

      I'll probably revert back to my old jail PostgreSQL instance on 9.10, ... at least that was reliable.....

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Using your customers as testing and QA

    Standard practice in shoddy IT

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Using your customers as testing and QA

      Just taking out a leaf of the Microsoft play book.

      1. LDS Silver badge

        "taking out a leaf of the Microsoft play book"

        Yes, that written by Sinofsky:

        "With the subsequent departure of the FreeNAS Corral project lead"...

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Using your customers as testing and QA

      Standard practice in shoddy IT

      Only if you keep pretending it's all good, which they didn't. Of course, I rather have a company that doesn't make such mistakes, but one that admits to it quickly (and thus sets out to fix the issue) is IMHO the next best thing. I prefer that over an outfit claiming that it's all good and it must be your hardware (which was standard practise for Microsoft, at least until the time we ditched Windows completely).

  3. LDS Silver badge

    No surprised...

    I had to rollback only after a few hours when it was clear 10 had issues with SMB permissions. After the upgrade, users start to get many "access denied" error, and sync tasks using robocopy failed.

    That was the main issue, but also the UI adopted the "everybody is using Chrome" approach - it's getting worse than it was with IE. Some controls didn't work with Mozilla, and it also looks to be very heavy server side, I've seen many Python processes being spawned and high CPU usage - not sure if their new architecture is really well designed but for the larger and more powerful boxes.

    If they plan to backport it to 9.10, hope they will make it a bit lighter too.

    Good they understood the problem, but this is something you really need to catch well before going "release".

  4. CAPS LOCK Silver badge

    Need NAS software? Try

    Nas4free. I've used it since it was FreeNAS. It's awesome. Try it, you might like it.

    1. quxinot Silver badge

      Re: Need NAS software? Try

      Thanks for saying what I was thinking.

      Happy NAS4Free user here. Does what it says on the tin.

    2. Antony Furneaux

      Re: Need NAS software? Try

      I've been very happily using OMV for the last 7+ years.

      1. konzty

        Re: Need NAS software? Try

        Hi Antony,

        openmediavault looks nice, but compared to FreeNAS or NAS4Free it lacks an important feature: ZFS support. Or am I missing something?

        ZFS' checksuming feature is an important functionality on cheap consumer-grade hardware. Your precious data resting on those huge-ass SATA disks might rot without you knowing ... I wouldn't want all the pr0ns to become corrupt :p


        1. Antony Furneaux

          Re: Need NAS software? Try

          It's supported by a plugin:

          OMV has an active development community providing excellent additional features like ZFS.

          But I'm not running ZFS so can't personally vouch for it. Never had a problem running ext4 on my 5x4TB HDDs raid 5 array.

    3. phuzz Silver badge

      Re: Need NAS software? Try

      I did try using OMV, but ran into a problem I wasn't expecting. My RAID card had available drivers in BSD (ie it worked in FreeNAS), but not linux.

  5. Dave Hilling

    Mileage may vary

    My experience with Corral wasn't completely flawless, but I am still running it. It is a bit hardware heavy and my kit is out of date by most standards (HP NL40). I did have to start with a fresh load of my system due to the upgrade process hanging. Not really a big deal as I only had a couple SMB shares and one ISCSI mount.

    SMB was broken in the first couple patches, but I have not had a problem since 10.0.4. The only other major issue I have is that I have a 2 port PCI-E Intel Gigabit card which is no longer recognized. It worked under 9.10. I have a 3rd built in NIC which works fine. I think the VM/Docker add on is the major feature I do not want to lose at this point. I am running PLEX in a container and it works fine provided it doesnt try to transcode the CPU in my freenas box is just too weak for that. Otherwise as of 10.0.4 its functional and working for me all the ways I need it maybe after 9.10.3 and the first few patches come out ill move back but for now its basically stable and working well so I will keep running it.

  6. southwow

    Corral working for me

    This is interesting given I upgraded my 9.10 system to corral and haven't had any issues. I ported over my Plex configuration from the jail to a new docker container and was up and running in minutes. I have a week of uptime, so i would guess most of the issue is the steep learning curve? Anyone agree/disagree?

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Correct Article Please

    This sentence: "Ix's plan is now to take the FreeNAS 10 GUI..." is inaccurate. The Corral GUI is being discarded and replaced with a separate, entirely new GUI. The new GUI is available to preview in nightly 9.10.x builds. Only "technology" (eg. Docker) from Corral will be brought back in future 9.x releases.

    Also, it's iXsystems, or "iX" for short.

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