back to article Android Forums resets passwords after hack

Add Android Forums to the growing list of web properties that have suffered a security breach. One in 40 members of the forum (2.5 per cent) were exposed by the hack. Moderators said they've been able to identify potential compromised accounts, the passwords of which have been reset. Many of the affected accounts were older …

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    1. inmypjs Silver badge

      Re: I'll leave this here.

      and you trust that site not to be harvesting all the email addresses people check?

      I suppose I could check the dozens of throw away email addresses I have use to join forums like this, but, why would I care even if I could remember some of them?

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      2. oneeye

        Re: I'll leave this here.

        Here is the about page of the very well known, and we'll respected, person, Troy Hunt, who runs the "Have I Been Pwned" website.

        And he does tons more for the infosec community. Not to mention, his personal blogs are always a good read. So, while you are there, maybe you could say thanks.

  2. wolfetone

    "Members of the site can find its breach notification statement here (registration required)."

    The irony of asking it's members to log in to see if their account has been hacked.

  3. Tom Kelsall

    Errr, hang on...

    The email telling me this and telling me to reset my PW, directed me to a site with a 5-subdomain URL which was NOTHING LIKE Android Forums, to reset my PW.

    It was also spam filtered by GMail.

    I can't even...

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why am I not surprised to see poor security practices at an android forum - after all, they have to follow their evangelized product...

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    whew that was close

    I thought at first they were talking in general a bunch of sites which worried me that perhaps an Android site worth visiting like XDA got hacked. Nope carry on.

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