back to article 'Australia Card 2.0' is dead: Government ditches plan for one ID to rule them all

Australia's federal government is sticking with its plans for a federated identity service, but disruption minister Angus Taylor has moved to quell fears of a revived “Australia Card”*. What first emerged last year looking like a “single identity” for all citizens across all Australian governments – before being dumped – isn't …

  1. bep

    Good news if it happens

    Unfortunately, the next Minister might have just the opposite opinion.

    The Government may have realised, however, that at the Federal level it doesn't work too well. You just end up with another layer on top of people who are not specialists and have to refer you on the the tax office, or Medicare or whatever. That isn't really efficient, it just makes the bureaucracy even more opaque than it already is and annoys the voters. You can get away with it when you are dealing with a vulnerable group like the unemployed, but nearly everyone has interactions with Medicare or the tax office, and anyone who has had to visit the new one stop shops will do anything to avoid repeating the experience. If you're wondering what that has to do with a digital identity, you have to actually interact with the system to realise it soon devolves to you communicating one-on-one with an anonymous bureaucrat.

  2. Magani

    Rights? What rights??

    "He also said the government considers it a citizen's right to have ..."

    Since when has any recent gummint had any regard to citizen's rights that don't happen to coincide with its own agenda? Uncle Malcolm and Uncle Bill don't seem very different in that respect, do they?

    I'll now move to the back of the class and take of my cynic's hat. Thank you.

  3. dan1980

    "He also said the government considers it a citizen's right to have multiple digital identities for their interactions with government, if that's what they want."

    Talking about the rights of citizens? Somebody check this man's temperature.

    If only all politicians thought this way.

  4. the Jim bloke Silver badge

    Everything has a season

    The political seasons can be identified by long periods where they refer to people as 'citizens' and quietly try to ignore them,

    interspersed with short periods when they refer to them as 'voters' and shower them with worthless tat, whilst ignoring them.

  5. Jim Ettles 1

    Robo Debt

    Single identity makes it easier for some incompetent to misuse data matching in the way that has happened in the RoboDebt disaster. Centrelink data (fortnightly) was "matched" with Tax Office data (annual). The Tax Office data was averaged to "provide" fortnightly data and the system sent out letters alleging debt without any human intervention.

    Admittedly the rest of the schemozzle was caused by policies of politicians and senior public servants but obviously these people cannot be trusted not to make more bludners with a single ID system.

    1. silverfern

      Re: Robo Debt

      If memory serves, John Howard tried to introduce an ID card for Australia back in about 2006 or so and the country - fortunately - told him where to shove it.

  6. Trigonoceps occipitalis

    Just replace "Standard" with "ID"

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