back to article Comcast lied and now it must STFU: Its cable broadband is not 'the fastest' in the US

Lying Comcast will no longer be able to advertise its cable internet service as the "fastest" following a decision from the US National Advertising Review Board. The ads watchdog issued a "recommendation" that the alternate-fact-spreading cable giant stop telling Americans that its cable and Wi‑Fi internet services offer the …

  1. vir

    The Fastest Internet, The Best Speeds

    Lyin' Comcast caught cheating customers AGAIN. When will we put a stop to this?!?! BAD! #MBBFA

  2. Vector


    I believe you meant to refer to "alternative facts" rather than "alternate facts."

    I know Trumpish can be a challenging language, but precision is key!

  3. Luke Worm

    If you ask Trump, he would say it could be true.


  4. Diginerd

    Cut them some slack!

    I'd say they're pretty honest by industry standards!

    Before the downvotes...

    /sarcasm ;-)

    They even have a couple of RFCs transparently explaining their NetOps.

    "Congestion Management"

    "ProActive Web Notification"

    M'ok! (Not)

  5. DNTP

    Wifi router speed limitation hinders Comcast connection?

    Considering the average Comcast connection, you'd probably have to be running a pre-802.11b early '90s SOHO infrared type thing, before that becomes more limiting than some of the dodgy crap Comcast passes off as 'fast'.

  6. Mike 16 Silver badge

    How can they tell?

    I can't even get a straight answer about what my speeds are _meant_ to be. But then how would I check when the terms of service disallow my taking measurements? And, at least once (although it was a while ago) it looked like they proxied a speed-test site. Yeah, Comcast, I know you can get blazing speeds from my cable modem to your head-end, when you detect that I'm trying to measure speed. Now explain how a file transfer to/from either of my off-prem. servers is so slow (way below advertised) compared to the same transfer between them (or to/from either from/to several others).

    When I first got cable internet, it was advertised as T1 equivalent, and it pretty much was. After two ownership changes, it's now advertised as 20 (or maybe 50) Mbps, but I have never seen it top 14 or so. Briefly, on a good day, with a tailwind.

    1. elf25s

      Re: How can they tell?

      you got 14mbps!?

      wow on good day ill get 1.2 to 1.7 and i am 7 blocks away from their node for the area i live in....

      scumcast the choice that gives no choice

      they offer 50mbps but i never ever seen it anywhere and i travel a lot

      and yes they DO direct you to dummy speed test does verizon and optimum and what used to be warner cable.

      wonder why FCC had not clamped down on that yet

  7. Stevie Silver badge


    Typical old school new school fake news hyperbole from El Reg.

    The correct term as used by real news outlets such as Fox News and the White House Press Office is "alternate facting Comcast".

    And although it should not need saying, in the absence of an icon be advised this entire post is an alternate fact.

    1. Fatman Silver badge

      Re: Bah!

      <quote>The correct term as used by real news outlets such as the Republican Party Mouthpiece, Fox News and the White House Press Office is "alternate facting Comcast".</quote>


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