back to article Another day, another cloud price cut – from partly free to all free

IBM has revealed that the standard tier Bluemix Lift service is now free. Which sounds great save for one small problem: the service was just about free already. Bluemix lift is a database migration service that Big Blue says “makes it easy to quickly, securely and reliably migrate your database from on-premises data centers …

  1. Oh Homer
    Paris Hilton

    "But was we mentioned ... cloud has may benefits"

    Gift I floaty for lucky good time spanners?

  2. Haku

    Free cloud storage? I'm waiting to get paid to use cloud storage.

    Apparently BT have given me 500GB cloud storage because I'm on Infinity 2, though I haven't even bothered investigating it after years of being with the service.

    Why? Because like virtually all of those services as soon as you stop paying you lose access to it. My harddrives don't need regular payments to keep working.

  3. Sealand
    Big Brother

    Free as in what?

    “makes it easy to quickly, securely and reliably MINE your database … with zero downtime.”


  4. disgruntled yank Silver badge


    What databases? DB1, Postgres, MySQL, any of a variety of No-SQLs?

  5. promisec

    Free for what type?

    how much it is beneficial? upto 100gb free....good offer.

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