so now BT have made EE the slowest and most pathetic network

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  1. Zmodem

    so now BT have made EE the slowest and most pathetic network

    yes, all the call charges are over priced, and downloads are capped at 10kb/s when over the rubbish 3GB fair use limit, especially if you have a tmobile sim and unlimited data, its time to go giffgaff unlimited for £20

    1st of the month, EE is suppose to be 5MB/s plus, like the past 4 years, not 1.5MB/s

    give it a year, and all the unlimited itunes and clubbers have left, BT will have made another telecom bankrupt with their rubbish

  2. Zmodem

    the fastest out of 20 >

    3 network still has 5MB/s if you can't handle giffgaff and tether your phone because you don't care for all the worthless wifi hotspots of BT

  3. Zmodem

    the connection speed has become abit faster on EE and 3g :

    although downloading off steam last night was the average 5MBps :

    it won't be long until i burn through 3GB, and find out downloads are still capped at 10KB/s, so you can't even download the latest virus definitions

  4. Zmodem

    giffgaff is pants, 4g is twice as slow as 3g or worse

    3g =

    4g = useless

    and you expected to pay 5p a MB without a addon/goody bag

  5. Oleir

    I’m on bt for past 2 months ..the mobile phone receives well outdoors but I almost cannot call at home! It's a disaster!

    Having made some research, I decided to request one of BT signal repeaters, but they told me that they're currently not available! I'm fed up with bt! Could you advise me any alternative?!

  6. Zmodem

    a little over a year later and BT decided to take away t-mobile unlimited internet and replace it with 500MB maximum for the same £12 a month without telling anyone, and just banning you for going over 500MB for breaching the fair use policy, so I switch to 3 which is alot faster on 3G

    the average is 6Mbps, but can get up to 10Mbps easily when downloading off of steam and can maintain a steady 2.2MB/s download speed for a good hour


    4G is half the speed like always

    3 just needs to include steam downloading from midnight til 8 am if you buy a data passport, for desktop tethering/hot spots, for the 60% of the uk home broadband users which is'nt landline based

    £18 a month on 12 month sim only contract, you get 30GB hotspot, all you can eat netflix, minutes texts, and £5 a day data passports where data policy does'nt apply from the time of purchase until midnight

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