back to article Flashy Intel sees the XPoint of solid state

Intel made $816m from flash memory products in the final 2016 quarter and sees XPoint contributing 10 per cent of revenues in 2018. This is minuscule compared to the Intel’s $16.4bn revenues for the quarter but a sizeable chunk of change in the flash business. Its Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group saw revenues up 25 per cent …

  1. Jack of Shadows Silver badge

    Waiting is.

    I still need to see real world price and performance data for 3D-XPoint before I know if that's a viable option anywhere outside the major Cloud datacenters. Where does it make engineering sense? Not a clue and it's frustrating the Hell out of me as I've been beyond bleeding edge for decades right up until know.

  2. Zola

    “And we've demonstrated on stage"

    Sounds pretty desperate if he has to use a stage demo as evidence of their performance! Let's see some independent benchmarks... until then, colour me not convinced.

  3. MJDD

    Seems like a really big deal, am I missing something?

    From Intel's earnings conference call:

    "...10% of the revenue [in 2017], and really ramping much, much more into 2018."

    This seems very important, and (almost) no one is talking about it. Am I missing something?

    Also, I think this article is under estimating the revenue:

    "...XPoint contributing 10 per cent of revenues in 2018."

    Should be 10% of total revenue in 2017, and "...much, much more into 2018." ?

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