back to article US and Russia engaged in legal tug of war over LinkedIn hack suspect

Prague has become the centre of cyber cold war intrigue with both Russia and the US seeking the extradition of a Russian hacker. Yevgeniy Nikulin, 29, is the target of extradition requests from both countries weeks following his arrest last October by Czech police during a holiday to the country. Local authorities acted on an …

  1. nuked

    Popcorn on order. Can't wait to watch the media wake from their wet dream to see this guy being charged with hacking US democracy. I'd also take a small bet that after being put away for 20 million life sentences, to be served consecutively, he will get a presidential pardon when trump leaves office in 4 years.

    1. Voland's right hand Silver badge

      Spot on

      *** New Position ***

      Departmental Scapegoat

      We invite Applications from suitable people for the position of Departmental Scapegoat.

      The Scapegoat will be expected to be available for blame sessions and buck stops from the hours of 8:30am until 5:00pm. Some other hours work will be required, for which time can be taken in lieu when the position holder should be doing something extremely important in the department. This is a full time position.

      Applicants will be expected to have a full knowledge of excuses from the mundane ("I forgot"), to extraordinary ("Kidnapped in my car by extra-terrestrials shaped like giant full nappies"), and should be able to take hostility up to and including being shot at by lunatic computer users. Applicant should expect to have a career span of approximately 2 weeks between firings, and should be familiar with the work of all members of staff, should they require his/her services. Applicant should ideally have a cringing crawly demeanour and make mistakes in day-to-day life to harbour an external appearance of utter stupidity.

      Remuneration will be on a scale from the ludicrously overpaid, with provision with demotion to the pathetically miserable.

      We are an equal opportunity employer, and shall consider all losers without prejudice.

      Applications should be made to anyone, preferably on the back of a list of groceries.

      -- Simon Paul Travaglia(*)

      (*) it is a pity we can get only the new BOFH Simon's stuff now. The really brilliant old stuff is no longer available.

  2. YourNameHere

    One hand scratches the other

    Don't worry, the Putin will be on the phone reminding Trump that he owes him a few favors...

    1. Mike Shepherd

      Re: One hand scratches the other

      Neither the US nor Russia wastes favours on dispensable items like people.

      1. tr1ck5t3r

        Re: One hand scratches the other

        >Neither the US nor Russia wastes favours on dispensable items like people.

        The sooner the population of every country on this planet realises that noone can get in the way of the authority of the Govt and establishment, the sooner people will realise that they dont live in a free world, and that Representative Democracy is just a woolly name given to sheeple to hide the fact that its no different to a fascist dictatorship, because in a Representative Democracy they still make the laws without your say so.

  3. Jason Hindle

    The Russian Stance is Understandable

    The FSB will be wanting their asset back.

  4. keith_w

    I think the Russians put in a claim because they don't want the US talking to this guy.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's a shame

    That bidding wars over talented staff have to come down to extradition treaties.

    Its the recruitment sites I feel sorry for as they arent sovereign nations they can't extradite anyone.

    If this is the future of tech recruitment, when that one techie in Tokelau running the TK domain dies they arent going to be able to compete they're going to have to extradite some 2 bit nerd living at home still serving a suspension for installing games on his school network.

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