back to article DomainMonster email service restored at last after Yuletide borkage

DomainMonster finally resolved problems with its hosted email service on Tuesday, more than two weeks after they first began on 21 December. Reg readers affected by the problem were eventually told that a data centre networking issue was to blame for the extended outage. This remains unconfirmed since neither DomainMonster, a …

  1. Walter Bishop Silver badge
  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Domainmonster have more than email problems

    I am in the process of moving away from them for all services.

    There is some problem with their networking and I spent about 2 weeks back and forth with them in December trying to resolve a simple domain name they registered to point to a server they host.

    It's now running so slowly due to far too many hops that its not workable.

    The online platform has not been updated in years and now has many dead links.

    As someone who has used them for over 10 years, i am sorry to say that other companies are just doing it better now.

    1. Edward Noel

      Re: Domainmonster have more than email problems

      I have also been with DM for many years after moving to them from 123-reg. Pity to see them falling behind the competition. I would be very grateful if you or others could recommend better alternatives.

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